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Please do not come bashing Elementary because you will be blocked and you will be reported. I believe that both CBS Elementary and BBC Sherlock are great shows and different adaptions of the Original Sherlock Holmes. Both can co-exist and live on, both actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller are brilliant actors and I adore both. But to anyone who says only BBC is allowed to do a Sherlock or that CBS's Elementary is a knock off of Sherlock, I'm just going to say BBC did NOT create Sherlock Holmes, nor does it entitle it to special rights. Each and everyone is allowed to use there imagination. Anyways, like I said I like both shows, though in truth I prefer Elementary for a number of reasons I wont list here, but please do not come in here bashing.

Thank you for reading and I pretty much have no other rules, I'm fine and even encourage actually, crossover's of any Sherlocks to talk to mine, or even any House's (but I think I'm the only one with a House M.D. Account huh? Vicodin--ADDICT). I RP with other Watsons too, as for my pairings...? Well that's a bit hard to say, I'll post them somewhere else. But don't be afraid to ask and don't be afraid to drop me a RP! But the thing is I DO NOT RP with main accounts, sorry! Oh and I do not own Sherlock Holmes, BBC's Sherlock, CBS Elementary or any of the artwork depicted here or any of the fan videos!

Sincerely, BlissLawliet



If you have only watched Elementary while thinking about BBC Sherlock, it's obvious you wont enjoy it.
So with that, I'll leave you all with this.

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[CBS Elementary Sherlock Holmes RP Account]
United States
Sherlock is...

    Escaped Served Full Time at Hiemdal Rehabilitation Center.
    Is currently sober.
    Rarely Listens to sober companion (Joan Watson).
    Works (for free) as a consulting Detective at the NYPD.
    Cooperating with sobraity treatments.
    Has a sponsor (Alfredo).
    Currently is rooming with Ms. Watson.
    Takes up Bee-Keeping in his spare time.
    Previously worked as a consulting detective at Scotland Yard.
    Currently is sexually active.
    Is single at the moment.
    Is Pansexual.


“A famous statistician once stated that while the individual man is an insoluble puzzle, in the aggregate he becomes a mathematical certainty. You can, for example, never foretell what any one man will do. But you can, with precision, say what an average man will do. Individuals vary, percentages remain constant… So says the statistician. I am not an average man.”

    — Sherlock, Elementary

A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

Sherlock Holmes, a former Scotland Yard consultant who now lives in New York City after receiving drug rehabilitation there for his previous drug-related problems in England. Holmes is a deductive genius with a variety of interests and enthusiasms that assist him in his investigations. Feeling that the more interesting criminal cases are in America, stays in New York. He contacts an old associate, Captain Tobias Gregson of the NYPD to resume his previous job as a consultant detective. He is forced by his father to live with Dr. Joan Watson, his "sober companion" who provides him with aftercare. Holmes displays many canonical aspects of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character, while his familial relations, especially his resentment for his father, has been added into his narrative. It's hinted that his exodus to the United States was not simply drug rehab or an interest in American crime, but that it was due to a woman named Irene as well.




Captain Gregson
"You know I only have the highest respect for you, and it is quite enjoyable when you let me take on a case and I don't have to feel forced to stay by my police scanner. Even if I still do, I appreciate the gesture."

Detective Bell
"Ah, a invitation from you sir is always enjoyable, you may be skeptical of my actions at first but I'd say you would agree I do bring in results that catch the bad guys, don't you agree?"

Rehabilitation Lackies

Ms. Watson
"Ah Ms. Watson, you know at first I didn't think you'd be of much use and just another failed attempt my father had trying to reach out to me. But no, your quite intriguing, though I feel the need to remind you that when I say I agree with you, I'm not listening. Oh, and Watson? I left a urine sample in your room."

"You know I admittedly chosen you for my sponsor to spite Watson, but now that you've actually proven to be quite useful... I believe I can keep you around for some time. Good show, but remember you may have been the best on the streets to pick locks but I dare say I am better than you."


"...I have no words that could mence just how I do not care for you no more. You know its funny, I was just telling Watson the other hate is not the opposite of love. Because I do not hate you, I don't have a single care for you, my feelings towards you are neutral Just as your feelings for me, are neutral."


-Sebastian Moran-

The Woman

Irene Adler
"...She died. We were quite close. I did not take her passing well."



This is Sherlock Holmes. A man who was born
in the United Kingdom, short of a legend..
his constant brain boggling method's are peculiar
and somewhat odd to everyone around him.
And you know what? It doesn't bother him that hes different.
He likes it. If he was like any other man, well he'd be terribly
ordinary now wouldn't he? That's why he likes it in the States
now, because even though he's surrounded by Yankees,
they're very different from his home. And after being
locked up in Junky Jail for so long he can actually stretch
his legs and get his footing in this new environment
that he can oh so easily adapt in. Ah and did we mention his
ego yet? Sherlock considers himself on an entire new level,
one that mankind has tried to grasp before but just could
never reach. This guy, modesty is in his vocabulary but hes
not one to need it, he knows that everyone else knows hes
a great man. No one else can exactly level up to him, no one.
The man is no where in the sense "modest" and he is very egotistical.
Some have described him as a man child while others do praise
him for his genius, scold him on his child-like antics still nevertheless.
He likes making a show of it when hes right, he likes to get the
chance to gloat and to have everyone ask that one question that
gets his juices flowing. The one question hes waiting for someone
to ask, to hear someone ask.

"How did you do it Sherlock?"


Because then he can explain, elaborate, and spit out explanations
as if they were the simplest things in the world. Because to him,
they are. His mind a well oiled machine, crunching down numbers,
reviewing the facts and processing all the information.
He observes, he deduces, and finally he concludes. Sherlock
will tell you if hes sure of his answer, he'll put his right foot forward,
he'll give you the evidence and he will occasionally lie, but with
all his hypothesizes and his trusty right-hand man (in this case woman),
Watson to back him up he wont have to. But thinking about it,
Sherlock does have some strange ways to gather intelligence,
to get the facts, he'll boil you down to your core, uncoil you and
get you to spill every little dirty secret you've worked so hard to hide
in order to get answers. His words like fire as he utters each one,
he knows from your appearance, speech pattern, your personality
and each movement you make what to say. He's just that good.
Why else would he be the consulting detective for the NYPD? Why
else would they go to him?


Now Watson. What does she bring to the table? What does she
value to this whole idea of a single, incredibly resourceful man who
seems to fine just all on his own? She brings stability.
Watson is a new type of person that Sherlock's hardly ever met,
she's different. He can bounce ideas off her and get a reasonable
idea in the end, he can use her and he can talk to her about his ideas.
She doesn't leave, she doesn't take his bull shit. She'll call him out,
she wont stand for it and shes just oh so fun to toy with occasionally.
While Sherlock is not romantically or even remotely sexually interested in Joan,
he does find her interesting and useful, so he keeps her around.
Her expertise of medical knowledge is great, along with other things
that Sherlock himself may not be so familiar with. Watson helps Sherlock
in his cases and does scold him time from time, shes more of a asset than
a problem. Even to a extent, she's no longer a woman nor a man.
She's Watson. She's the closest thing he has to a friend. And
when she leaves, Sherlock forbids himself from thinking
what will become of him. He convinces himself that he'll be just fine all
on his own without Joan Watson.

Drugs and sex. Two things that can relieve all of his problems.
Yes he takes pride in his intellect, but does that mean its easy being him?
Not having to analyze every little thing, to not have a moments of rest-
when you meet someone, see someone, you immediately break down
everything they are, who they are, what they do, what they love, what they hate,
how to break them apart, to find the blue prints so to speak to this persons very core?
With a mind so well tuned, his body has trouble keeping up with it,
sometimes he wonders if his sanity will break from the constant downpour of knowledge.
That's were the drugs come in. It stops him from having to think
about every damn thing in his life, it gives him peace.
Something he rarely gets, something he desperately needs
but never will admit. But Sherlock took precautions. But soon he realized he
was becoming a junkie, he tried to stop, he honestly did try. But his
brain started to turn on him, it started focusing on when to get his next fix,
when to get his next moment in complete bliss. Thats where sex comes from, bondage.
Hes not a very lewd man, he doesn't go out of his way to make advances on people
unless hes chosen them, he takes into short consideration and then picks whoever he
likes and thinks can satisfy his needs. Even after rehab he didn't stop this
because then he needed this. If he doesn't have a interesting case to crack,
some kind of puzzle for him to figure out,
a murderer to pin the crime on- he's got nothing. But the sex does get him high,
it gives him that rush that refuels his brain and his body. This is something he can
admit with little to no shame whatsoever. And truthfully if he ever thought
if it mattered that his partner was a man or a woman, well that'd just take
away a large percentage and why should it matter if its male or female?
Pleasure is pleasure. No love though- all he needs is his cases, and a body
to service his. Because then Sherlock can function. He can solve the next case.
He can get that high he's still always searching for.



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